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02-16-2020 PMNebuchadnezzar’s Vision of The Times of The Gentiles pt.2 (Dan. 2:40-45)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-16-2020 AMHow We Are to Labor for The Lord (Mk. 4:21-34)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-12-2020 PMThe Believers Frustration pt.2 (Rev. 1:9-17a)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-09-2020 PMNebuchadnezzar’s Vision of The Times of The Gentiles pt.1 (Dan. 2:31-49)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-09-2020 AMSurvey of The Soils pt.2 (Mk. 4:14-20)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-05-20 PMThe Believers Frustration (Rev. 1:9-10)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-02-20 PMThe Symbols of The Lord’s Supper (I Cor. 11:17-34)Pastor Jacob Terry
02-02-20 AMSurvey of The Soils pt.1 (Mk. 4:14-20)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-29-20 PMJesus Is Coming (Rev. 1:7-8)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-26-20 PMThe Right Man for A Time of Crisis (Dan. 2:1-30)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-26-20 AMWhich Soil Are You (Mk. 4:1-12)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-22-2020 PMThe Royal Priesthood of Believers (Rev. 1:5-6)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-19-2020 PMOur Greatest Stewardship (Dan. 1:3-21)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-19-2020 AMA Sad Reality (Mk. 3:6-12)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-15-2020 PMJohn’s Greeting (Rev. 1:4-5)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-12-2020 PMWho’s in Charge Here? (Dan. 1:1-2)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-12-2020 AMThe Day Jesus Got Angry (Mark 3:1-6)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-08-2020 PMIntroduction to Revelation pt.2 (Rev. 1:1-3)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-05-2020 PMTwo Treasures pt.2 (I Tim. 6:20-21)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-05-2020 AMThe Lord of The Sabbath (Mk. 2:23-28)Pastor Jacob Terry
01-01-2020 PMIntroduction to Revelation pt.1 (Rev. 1:1-3)Pastor Jacob Terry

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